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One-Day Great Barrier Reef Trip
Reef Magic Cruises

© Reef Magic Cruises

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This trip is aboard Reef Magic, a Catamaran with a maximum of 100 divers. It is for 1 day, and allows 3 dives.

Departure Information
Departure is from Marlin Jetty, Cairns at 9:00 AM every day, return time 5:00 PM.

The Dive

A day out with Reef Magic can be a great experience! Reef Magic visits their own large anchored platform called Marine World at Moore Reef. Instead of having to spend the day on the boat or in the water, this platform has lots of additional space, an underwater observatory, semi submersible boat tours, and many other amenities, making this trip an ideal trip for families or people that may not be spending to much time in the water, but still want to see the reef up close.

Divers can make up to 3 dives, and snorkelers can spend up to 5 hours in the water. During this time, snorkelers may also take up to two introductory scuba dives.

On a typical day, less than one of five of the Reef Magicís 100 guests are certified divers; the others are snorkelers. The company has a well-organized introductory scuba dive program for them and typically three of every five snorkeling passengers choose to try it out.

While experience scuba divers may be hesitant to do a dive trip with such a large operation we like the fact that Reef Magic uses a tender that takes the divers well away from the main platform, so that they have an dive experience that more resembles what is experienced on a smaller boat.

This trip also has the latest departure time of any dive boat in Cairns. We find it an ideal match for folks that want to sleep in, folks looking for a comfortable trip out to te reef, and especially families and groups of friends that include divers, snorkelers, and folks that may not get into the water. © Reef Magic Cruises

The Boat

Reef Magic owns and operates two large powerful Reef Cast, a common boat design in the Cairns area. The design is popular because these boats are both fast and spacious. Both Reef Magic II and Reef Magic III are capable of making 24 knots, which translates into a quick 90-minute trip out to the reef.

Both Vessels are well maintained and equipped with the latest navigational and safety equipment. They also come with a large dive tender, which allows divers to save air by riding, rather than finning, to some of the better dive sites that lie more distant from the anchorages they visit.

Trip Prices

Included wetsuit/stingersuit mask, Snorkel, Fins (with Snorkel price only) guided snorkelling tour all dive gear (exc. wetsuit) (with Dive price only) glass bottom boat tour reef ecology talk Morning and afternoon tea and snacks tropical buffet lunch semi-submersible reef tour

Book This Trip All prices are in US Dollars.
1 Apr 18 - onwards
Snorkeler, child $79
Snorkeler, adult $158
Certified diver, 2 dives $211
Certified diver, 3 dives $228
Snorkeler, with 1 SNUBA dive $247
Snorkeler, with 1 helmet dive $301
Snorkeler, with 1 intro scuba dive $301
Snorkeler, with 2 helmet dives $355
Snorkeler, with 2 intro scuba dives $355
Family of 4 $399
prescription masks $4
Environmental Management Charge (pay on board) per person $5
transfers, Cairns $13
transfers: Northern Beaches $16
guided snorkelling tour $25
Children are between the ages of 5 and 12

About Reef Magic Cruises © Reef Magic Cruises

The owner/operators of Reef Magic Cruises, Tim North and Don Cowie, are Cairns locals who have been business partners since 1980. Over the years they have refined their operations and now specialize in offering fast catamaran reef trips. Their boat, the Reef Magic, is quite noticeable in Cairns Harbor. We have always been impressed by the organized, friendly and professional demeanor of the many red-uniformed staff lined up to greet and say farewell to their guests!

Just recently the company has anchored a large platform at one of it's reef sites, which provides massive amounts of additional space for guests to the reef.

Copyright © Great Barrier Reef Enterprises

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