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Detailed Trip Itinerary for Wooroonooran Safaris, Wooroonooran Misty Mountains

08:15am: White Rock Wild Kangaroos

Have you been told that Wild Kangaroos can’t be found in residential areas? Well they were wrong. White rock has been a natural breeding ground for our native friends for centuries .and they were not going to let a few houses change their mind .Great opportunity for photos of hundreds of wild Kangaroos happily going about their day in the middle of outer suburbia.

09:15am: Misty Mountains

It is becoming increasingly rare and valuable to experience the rejuvenating effect of the rainforest, . Rarely will you have such an opportunity to see such an array of flora and fauna in their natural environment as at Misty Mountains. Cool off in the crystal clear rock pools, natural spas, and running streams of the rainforest , as your Guide takes you on a very private journey under the canopy of our regions oldest rainforest surrounding Mount Bellenden Ker Alive with birdsong, tropical flowers, fauna & Wild life with an opportunity to see Musky-rat kangaroo’s, tree-kangaroo, red-legged pademelon, Cassowaries, lemuroid’s & yellow-footed antechinus .So pack your camera, and ready yourself to embrace a brilliant rainforest experience exclusive to Wooroonooran Safari’s.

10:30am: Josephine Falls

Josephine Falls is a secluded freshwater swimming hole, located at the foot of Queensland’s tallest mountain, Mt. Bartle Frere (1622m).A series of waterfalls flow into large pools surrounded by boulders. Rainforest trees hangover the water, keeping it cool and refreshing. We take a short walk to a series of dramatic cascading waterfalls. Take the plunge in the exciting natural rockslide (life vests are provided for children).

12:30pm: Roscoe’s Restaurant

Enjoy the finest lunch on a tour in North Queensland, an Australian-Italian buffet with a great variety of exquisite dishes. Outstanding dessert buffet!

14:00: Babinda Boulders:

We walk along a rainforest path to the magnificent, breath taking granite gorge created over millions of years. You will spot lilies in the valley between the 2 highest mountains in QLD. Listen to the ancient Aboriginal legend about the creation of the Boulders. Learn about the evolution of one of the World’s oldest rainforests. Swim in cool crystal waters with fish and turtles. Relax in the sun under an ancient rainforest tree.

15:45: Mulgrave River Cruise:

Departs from our private jetty at Derail Landing and travels upstream into the quiet rainforest upper estuary reaches of the Mulgrave River. The area is rich with wildlife and natural beauty. All alone, it is a great opportunity to see various bird species including Little Kingfisher and Great Billed Herron, Crocodiles, and many other rainforest and estuary wildlife species. As your Guide talks about the home of the Yidinji indigenous people who for thousands of years lived in grass huts along the river, surviving by foraging and hunting within the ocean, mangrove and rainforest environment. Also it offers great views of Mt Bellenden Ker (QLD’s second highest peak) and the remarkable Pyramid.

17:00: Return to Cairns.

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