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Detailed Trip Itinerary for Mike Ball Dive Expeditions, 7-Night Coral Sea and Great Barrier Reef Safari


Thursday: Check-in and Departure

-Prior to 4:00pm. Check-in luggage at 2/3 Abbott St, Cairns.

-If unable to check-in prior to 4:00pm phone us on 07 4031 5484 for departure details.

6:00pm our crew meet you at the Cairns CorporatE Towers entrance and escort you to Spoilsport at Trinity Wharf. © Mike Ball Dive Expeditions Cruise overnight to the magnificent Ribbon Reefs, the first stop on your 700km dive odyssey. Friday:

Ribbon Reef #9 - Pixie Gardens, Cod Hole

-Buddy up with diver size fish that dive with you at the Cod Hole!

-Swim with giant potato cod, napoleon wrasse and moray eels.

-Enjoy close encounters with huge Maori wrasse.

-Anticipate spectacular coral gardens, spotted rays, reef sharks and green turtle sightings.

-Night dive where decorator crabs, egg cowry shells, moray eels and crayfish are just a few of the creatures you can find.

Saturday & Sunday: Coral Sea - Osprey Reef

-Cruise 100 miles overnight to Osprey Reef in the Coral Sea.

-Enjoy 40 meter (132ft) visibility with spectacular walls disappearing to 1000metres.

-At North Horn swim with giant potato cod, napoleon wrasse, moray eels, tuna and barracuda. Witness the resident shark population including grey whalers, whitetip reef sharks, silvertips and hammerheads.

-Search for the commonly seen green and loggerhead turtles.

-Find the caves, overhangs and spectacular walls adorned with huge soft coral trees and gorgonian fans.

Monday: Lizard Island & Ribbon Reef #10 & #9, Cod Wall, Cod Hole, Challenger Bay

-Climb "Cook’s Look" at Lizard Island where Captain Cook searched for safe passage through the reef. -Explore the rarely dived Cod Wall at the outer reef edge that disappears into 60 meters (200ft)

-Glide back towards the Cod Hole while enjoying the clear water and spectacular coral formations.

-Choose to dive the Cod Hole again if you agree with us that one day is not enough to enjoy its diverse marine life.

-Shallow but fantastic, Challenger Bay is extremely rich in biodiversity from spectacular coral gardens and unusual critters through to large schooling fish. Great night dive location, watch out for Baza the Barra!

Tuesday: Ribbon Reef #9, #5, #4 - Lighthouse Bommie, Pixie Pinnacle, Andy’s Postcard, Clam Beds, Vertical Gardens

-Circumnavigate Pixie Pinnacle and Lighthouse Bommie shrouded in fusilier baitfish. Fluorescent purple and orange anthias attract predatory fish to these photogenic sites. Majestic Minke whales are seen here in June and July.

-Rising from 80 meters the pinnacle of Andy’s Postcard is encrusted in hard corals, lion fish, nudibranchs, octopus, schooling trevally and barracuda.

-See spectacular giant clams at Clam Beds as well as caves, canyons and coral encrusted bommies awaiting exploration.

-Sheer walls covered in whip corals and sea fans brim the natural amphitheatre of Vertical Gardens. Marine life varies from the many colourful nudibranchs to large schooling bump head parrotfish.

Wednesday: Ribbon Reef #3 - Flare Point, Joani’s Joy, Steve’s Bommie

-Spiral majestic coral pinnacles teeming with diverse marine life.

-See huge schools of baitfish stalked by barracuda, mackerel and trevally.

-Anticipate spectacular coral gardens, spotted rays, reef sharks and green turtle sightings.

Thursday: Dock

-Early morning docking at Trinity Wharf - Cairns, breakfast, 8:00am courtesy transfers to Cairns city hotels.

Note: Itinerary subject to change. © Mike Ball Dive Expeditions

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