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Reef Report for Thursday, February 1, 2007

Great Barrier Reef Rated Top Attraction by Scuba Diving Magazine
Címon Down!

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Scuba Diving Magazine, that popular American dive magazine, has just released the results of a poll of 4500 of its readers, and the Great Barrier Reef was rated top 10 in a number of categories, including:

#1 Snorkeling destination in the Pacific/Indian oceans.

#2 Pacific/Indian ocean wreck diving destination (thanks largely to the world class dive site, the

Yongala Wreck

#5 top destination for beginning divers

#5 top destination for small animal encounters

None of these surprise us, after all, the Great Barrier Reef is not a dive destination, itís thousands and thousands of dive destinations, and holds something amazing for every diver or snorkeler, whether itís a great wreck dive, outstanding dive education, diverse marine life, encounters with whales and sharks, or ideal dive conditions; all are found on the 2,300 kilometer long assemblage of reefs that make up this most protected of all marine parks.

The only thing that surprises us is why you have not come down for a visit yet! Come on down!

Coverage of this story from The Australian.

(C) DiveTheReef The weekly reef report is written by Joel Groberg of DiveTheReef.com, who compiles them from the many conversations he has with dive staff in the area, as well as† many other local sources in the dive community.

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